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Arduino Trackers

This section, we will go into our Arduino devices.

I used to work in electronics companies as Product Manager for many years, and I found Arduino is very interesting product. It is easy to learn, for me, I had no coding experience before, but it only took me 2-3 months to complete the code like this and design a whole system.

The work is not easy and it usually needs a team like 10 engineers, including hardware, software, and firmware, MIS specialists to do. But I can do it on my own, maybe not that professional, but the point is it is my work, and I can make it very customized to meet my need, if the project is good, then I can really make it in mass production. That is the spirit of Maker.

LORA device

In this tutorial, I have developed two devices, Section 5 is about LoRA WWAN device, that means, GPS location data is transmitted through LoRA Technology. But at the point of this video, the LoRA service is only available in Taipei, Taiwan. Even it is not available worldwide, but I still think it is valuable to study the code if you are using GPS on Linkit-One board. Linkit one has different way from standard Arduino board on UART port for data transmission.

Another good point is LoRA is very good technology for IoT world, I can see few benefits.

Code is very simple, because it does not have complicated login process.
It consumes power very little.
It does not need SIM card, so that means no billing headache. For example, if you have hundreds of devices, it will be a big problem just managing SIM cards.
No SIM card, easier mechanical design.

But you can skip section 5. if you do not join this.


GPRS device

Section 6 is GPRS device, and it should be available worldwide, or very popular, but it uses 2.5 or 2.75G low data rate older generation telecom signal, and not all carrier would support it, for example, in Taiwan, only Chunghwa telecom, which is one of 4 carriers support protocol, and most of them already move to higher generation like 3G, 4G high data rate services. Please check with your carrier.

Next, let us begin with our devices, I would explain step by step in detail in terms of hardware, software/code, and cloud services. I believe you would enjoy it.
See you in next video.



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