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In our system map, On the cloud services, we will need to setup Docker on Docker Cloud and Slack account first

On cell phone, we will need two APPs.  On PC, we will need Arduino IDE for IOT device development, also MQTT.FX for communication data testing.



Firstly we would need a Docker Cloud account , and we will install many services on top of it.

What is Docker? Why Docker? You can do further study yourself. But for this project, we will need many web services and servers, it will be much more complicated if we need to deploy them on your own Linux machine. With Docker, but it is very simple to duplicate an identical environment.

Let us get started with Docker Cloud service.


  1. Please go to google and search Google Cloud. First web site will be the one we need.
  2. Sign up a Docker Cloud account. I would not go step by step, but I believe you can follow proper instructions in the web site.

Let us assume that you have account setup, let us login with your account. Go to Cloud Settings, and we will need to Link with one of Cloud providers, as you can see from the list, you have Amazon, Microsoft Azure, and few others.

If you do not have any account, I would recommend Digital Ocean, because it is easy to link with from my experience. Please reminded, you will need a credit card in record for the service, and you can use promotion code too.

Or You can choose other services if you already have account. It doesn’t matter which service you use, but you need at least have one.

Second, let us go to Node Clusters, and create a least one node. This means we will create a virtual machine running in your cloud provider,  please make sure you have one node ready, and status “Deployed”.

Then that is it, we will come back to this later.



  1. The second software is MQTT Client, let us go to Google, and Search MQTT FX,

MQTT.FX desktop application that we test our data communication.

Please see the web site here, please follow instruction to install it, and   Please go here and install the latest version for Mac or Windows.


Arduino IDE

  1. Arduino IDE is no stranger for Arduino devices development. Please go to Google, and search Arduino IDE, and install it



  1. We will also need Slack account , please go to to register an account. Be sure that you have created a team, and you can see this screen.
  2. Let us move to cell phone, you will need to install two app on your Android or iPhone, both APP support two OS.

Now, we need Slack APP on our phone too, let me take iPhone as example, please search Slack, and install it on iPhone and Android phone. Please login with your Slack account credentials.



Let me take iPhone as example. Please search Owntracks.  and install it for now. Owntracks is APP on iPhone and Android that we will view all device locations. We will come back later.

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