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Boring field test log?

After actual field test with my tracker, and one Android phone, This video is showing you, they performs as we expected.

It contains the system log on the left, and you can see all locations messages keep coming from tracker, in the center window shows the message sending to Slack, I want you to be aware that 8 messages from two devices when we enter of leave a visible geofence.

The right window shows Owntracks APP from another phone, and I have brought two devices together, one is C1 which is my Android phone, and HI is my LinkitOne Tracker, they are closely moving together, but it is not exactly duplicated, because the reporting time setting are different.

The following will be a silent video, but I want to show you complete log, and how it actually works when we design a system.

OK, understand, if you feel bored, you can skip it anytime and jump to next section for the last section.

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More than 15 years of experience in electronics companies as Sales marketer and Product Manager. Currently I invest resources on open source and industry IoT system research, and provide data analytics service mainly for factory and retain business.

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  1. Keep these arltcies coming as they’ve opened many new doors for me.

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