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Owntracks Geofence

This step, we will setup geofence on mobile phone. I believe it is easy that you can do the same for your Android phone.

Let us open my cell phone, and let us go to Owntracks, and go to Regions, that is the place we setup our Geofence.

Firstly, we will give a name for this geofence, we need to give a meaningful name for later understand. So, I will name it “Office”.

Next tap is share, that means notification will be sharing with other friends who have owntracks app, but we use Slack to do the job.

Radius, I will recommend to setup larger area at least 500 meters, that means the area cover is 1KM. Because we know the GPS is accurate with tolerance about 10 meter, but with Wifi or GPRS, because it is triangle locating, the tolerance is much larger, if the region is too small, when you are at the edge of covered area, it sometimes gives false alarms when you are not moving.

Then the coordinates, it default will get the current location coordinates, if that is what you want. But if I am not in my current location, I need to get the coordinate of that place. And we will need some help for this.

Let us go to Google, and search Coordinates, google map. Then go to and locate the place, and get coordinate, and put the coordinate back to setting.

Let us go back to owntracks tap, if you see the region like this, you have setup correctly. Let us, my device is H1, and this point will change when this device is moving, when H1 move outside of the area, then I will receive a message from my app, but as I said, it is only for myself, I will not receive any message when HW, or M8 move in or out of my region.

But even the message is for myself, for example, when I move out of this region, I want the “leaving” message to broadcast to members by Slack. Let us it up next.


Current location geofence
Remote location geofence

Search: “coordinates google map”



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