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iPhone & Android to system

we have launched two Arduino devices already, and we are going to configure our third device, which is OS operated phones.

Let us look at the system map again, from the data input section, our phone keep sending GPS data to Mosquitto MQTT broker, at the same time, it keep one location copy at Recorder. And, the APP also displays current location of this device.


Recap mosquitto.ACL MQTT setting

But we expect not only see my own device location, but also family members’. All users’ devices under owntracks/# topic will be displayed in the same map.

Let us recap our earlier setup. If you look at section 3 video. We have howard and crystal users’s setup. Let us give am example, when user “crystal” uses her user name to login, and she put device ID Android, Tracker ID: M8. and the topic will become owntracks/crystal/Android, and Tracker ID will be display on the map.

Let us put it this way, in our mosquitto.acl setup , howard and crystal are authorized to receive all points as friends for all devices login with user name howard, and crystal because it is under topic owntracks/#.

When all devices GPS locations are correctly reported, it is silently working on system. And it is not possible to monitor the changes all the time.

So, we want to set geofence as monitor locations, say school, we want to be notified when kids enter school, or leaves school, and just want to receive messages when devices enter or leaves the regions. Therefore, we will need Slack to take important role on it, Slack is a free and powerful message system in our system, and we will setup on node-red and on mobile phones.

We are going to configure our iPhone and Android phones next.

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