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3 reasons to have your own tracker system

We often hear the kids or elders got lost, and it is very difficult to track the location without clue. That is why trackers are needed.

I have kids, and they are not allowed to carry cell phone to school, so GPRS/lora tracker is an option, I know there are already GPS trackers in the market, why do we need to make tracker for our own. Let me give you some reasons


1. More Privacy

Privacy: you might not want to expose the locations to the public.


2. More functions

Software functions: we have high level iphone, Andriod phones, and low end Arduino trackers, and I want to put them in one horizon for management. Market software might not do this.

Tracker functions:

Power Management is also a problem for market available tracker. You can fine-tune your own Arduino code with desired reporting intervals for power saving purposes.

In my design, with G-sensors motion detection, you can also put the device in sleep when it is not in motion for saving huge power.

You can use GPRS/SIM card solution, Even GPRS service with SIM card is very popular, but it needs monthly fee, if you also have LoRA signal service coverage in your city, it would save a lot of trouble to management on technical and billing issues with SIM card. It is fun. If I can build one, why not do it myself.


3. More Fun

I provided well fine-tuned and tested working software in easy to install Docker image, and Arduino software without secretes. So you can just change configuration without programming experience.

You can expect to learn many powerful IoT open-source software and services in this project

Even without Arduino trackers, only using cell phones location reporting through many powerful services is opening a door for many potential applications.

I expect that you can have your own system with this video, they are all open source, and the maintenance cost very little. You can have own your system under you full management.   Enjoy!

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  1. I cannot tell a lie, that really helpful.

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