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Why Node-RED?

In this section we will install another open source service called Node-Red.


Node-Red was originally open source released from IBM, and its community is good and continue to contribute to make it better, and I like the drag and drop UI which lowers the barrier of designing complicated IOT jobs for non-programmers like me.

In our case, Two main jobs:

A. one is to bridge our MQTT messages – that means we will convert Arduino GPS data on the cloud and add some essential data, such as time and combine into an new message format which Owntracks requires.

B. Second, we will need to use Slack APP through Node-red, it would detect our GPS Entering or Leaving Message, and broadcast to all members.



install NODE-RED

Create a service at Docker Cloud

Search/deploy FRRUT built image

Configure port

Deploy a service

Note URL

Then we will move to Node-RED


Test Message

let us configure MQTT service, let us configure our MQTT server.

Put our MQTT broker credentials on it.

Test the message. If you receive the message on the Debug windows, that means the server is well setup.

Well done for this section.

Next section, we will go to the fun part, we will launch our Arduino devices to send data to our system. Let us meet in the next video.

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